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SA Concept started its journey in Beirut in 1978 by establishing a first entity revolving around a family team dealing with Architecture, Interior Design, Advertising, Marketing, Communication, DTP, Photography, Graphic Design, Journalism, and Music.

In 1991, SA Concept established Kuwait's office to expand horizons seeking new challenges. In 2008, it consolidated all its activities under one umbrella, under one name, SA Concept.

While working in Lebanon, Kuwait, and now in Qatar, our company is organized and run so that architects, designers, and conceivers may achieve their best because at its best satisfies clients, pleases users, and gratifies our ego. Whether we're architects, graphic designers, or digital artists, it's all about a combination of art, design, and experience. We believe that ideas make a design distinctive, and that identity, function, aesthetics, and value make a design work.

Architecture and design is not about fancy and highly realistic rendering, it is about concept, context, and client's needs. It is all about making sense.

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